Fostering Sustainable Peering Infrastructure

It takes time, effort, and trust to build a solid Internet foundation.

If you needed to get a letter to your neighbor, you wouldn’t send it via airmail across the country and back first, would you? For much of the world, this is how Internet traffic is routed. It’s why we need Internet exchange points (IXPs) and a sustainable peering infrastructure.

Peering happens when networks agree to freely exchange traffic with each other through IXPs. Networks can keep traffic local, provide faster connections, and improve the experience of the people relying on them. Because they no longer need to route traffic via expensive international links, connectivity costs drop, too. They also improve overall network performance and resiliency.

The 50/50 Vision for Internet Traffic

We have been helping address connectivity gaps for many years, including building Internet exchange points (IXPs) to improve traffic flow and improve Internet service. IXPs create shorter, more direct routes for Internet traffic. They provide a more affordable alternative to sending local Internet traffic via international links, which can be an expensive business.

To achieve an ambitious plan to keep at least half of all Internet traffic in selected economies local by 2025, we must advocate and partner with relevant stakeholders like policymakers, technical communities, and the Internet Society community.

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Growing the Internet

We can build Internet infrastructure and grow the Internet by:

  • Working with our partners to develop new IXPs 
  • Helping existing IXPs mature and advance by providing technical, developmental, policy, and/or regulatory support
  • Getting support from regional IXP associations
  • Advancing the 50/50 Vision

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